Readers react to Vodafone problems in Worthing

HERALD readers have spoken of their frustration at ongoing problems with the Vodafone network.

Large numbers of Vodafone customers have been unable to make or receive phone calls or use 3G services in the Worthing area.

The length of time people have been affected has varied, with some having problems with their service since last week and others reporting faults since Tuesday (April 9).

Commenting on the Herald’s Facebook page, readers have spoken of their frustration.

Tracey Beeston said: “On and off for a couple of days now. Can’t even ring Vodafone from it, as there is no network!

Receiving texts mostly. Not good if you get into trouble and need your phone, we are paying for a service we are not receiving.”

Julie Doe said: “I had to call Vodafone yet again last night as I wasn’t getting any calls and some texts that I know of last week and yesterday – they were going straight to voicemail. I also couldn’t make calls as it kept saying network busy. Internet on my mobile is always a problem.”

Others said the problems are gradually being fixed.

Some customers have been told they will be compensated for the days their phones have not worked properly.

The Herald is still awaiting a comment from Vodafone.