Refurbishment on port’s new work boat complete after a year

A PORT engineering team’s new work boat is ready for action after a year of thorough refurbishment.

‘Juno’, as it is named, is a landing craft which can carry up to eight tonnes of cargo and will also enable Shoreham Port’s engineers to carry out a range of complex tasks.

Its role will include dive

support, particularly around the lock gates, fendering work, coast protection works, airlifting or underwater excavation, surveys and corrosion protection work, navigation aid maintenance and general clearance of debris and wrecks.

Deputy port engineer Brian Rousell said: “We have spent some important time refurbishing the inside of the hull and making sure it is sound before launching, also refurbishing the hydraulics.

“It will take a 100 tonne crane to lift her, when she will be towed down to the Wigan Terminal before the rest of the fit-out is completed.”

“We have decided to call her Juno after one of the code names for a beach in the D-Day Normandy landings of World War Two, in which Shoreham played a part in the preparations.”

Julian Seaman, harbour master and director of marine operations, added: “The craft will be a fine addition to our fleet and will play an important role in the delivery of maintenance work in and around the port.”

Juno is a landing craft that was constructed in Scotland for the local fish farm trade, originally called Glen Grant.

She is approximately 12m long and 4m wide, with a very shallow draft, weighing in at approximately 18 tonnes.

The Juno’s last job before coming to Shoreham was as construction support for works to the Tay Bridge at Dundee.

After completing this work, she was transported to Shoreham Port on the back of a lorry.