Registration deadline nears for district elections

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THERE is less than a week for voters to register ahead of the Adur District Council’s elections.

In Lancing, one seat in the Churchill, Cokeham, Manor, Mash Barn and Peverel wards will be up for grabs, while in Widewater there will be two seats available.

Voters have until Wednesday to register for the elections, which take place on May 3.

The candidates in the following wards, with current seat-holders listed first, are as follows:

Churchill: Pat Beresford (Conservative), David Bushell (UKIP), Steve Martin (Lib Dem); Cokeham: Nicholas Pigott (Conservative), David Bamber (UKIP), Nilda Dooraree (Lib Dem), Barry Mear (Labour); Manor: Keith Dollemore (Conservative), Stuart Douch (Lib Dem), Lionel Parsons (UKIP), Michael Rubin (Labour); Mash Barn: Andrew Barnes (Conservative), Douglas Bradley (Labour), Sid Hilshum (UKIP), Doris Martin (Lib Dem); Peverel: Carson Albury (Conservative), Kenneth Bashford (Labour), Raj Dooraree (Lib Dem), Reuben Whiting (UKIP); Widewater: Ann Bridges (Conservative), Fred Lewis (Conservative), David Devoy (Labour), George Osborne (UKIP), Michael Thornton (Labour), Kay Vincent (Lib Dem).