‘Regrettable’ changes to Worthing’s new pool project

“REGRETTABLE” changes to the Aquarena project mean public access to a walkway at the site will now be restricted due to cost implications.

At a meeting of the planning committee, at Worthing Town Hall, it was decided by councillors that an application to make changes to a raised terrace and walkway at the site, on Brighton Road, would be accepted.

The changes mean public access to the raised walkway which is due to be built above the beach chalets will no longer be provided, as the ramp and steps leading up to it will no longer be built.

The terrace outside of the pool and the raised walkway could still be joined as part of a second phase of development.

Executive head of planning, regeneration and well-being James Appleton said: “It does not reduce the outside terrace. It is a regrettable change, as it would have been nice to get the public up, and using the outside walkway.

“It will be left as a pebble beach effect.

“Put simply, the amendment will restrict access to the eastern section of raised walkway from the swimming pool. The approval would have allowed those using the pool to access the raised walkway.”

A second amendment approved by the councillors means the bridge section of the raised walkway, which was originally due to span the full width of the opening between the beach chalets, would have one bay retained at each end of the chalets to avoid any damage or disruption.

Mr Appleton said: “This amendment provides the least disturbance to chalet owners during the construction period.

“The revised proposal for the raised walkway retains the concept of opening up Beach House Grounds to the beach allowing the promenade improved access to the grounds while improving views from the park.

“The revised proposal for the raised terrace retains the design philosophy to provide a terrace with a view, an open sun bedding area with external outdoor splash pool while maximising the visual link to the seafront from the pool.”

The council has approached English Heritage for its opinion on the amendments, but is still awaiting a response.