Residents decide for or against proposed Lidl store

S46025H13-Lidl.''Public Consultation on Lidl in Shoreham. Shoreham Centre. Shoreham.
S46025H13-Lidl.''Public Consultation on Lidl in Shoreham. Shoreham Centre. Shoreham.

RESIDENTS flocked to the Shoreham Centre on Friday to have their say on plans to build a Lidl store.

The public consultation drew crowds of people and the centre was manned by Lidl representatives who helped to answer questions about plans to build a store at Units 1 & 2 The Malthouse Estate, Brighton Road, Shoreham.

In the centre of the hall there were tables laden with Lidl produce ranging from fruit, chocolate and sweets to meats, cheeses and pasta.

The ‘have your say’ message board gathered 16 messages in 30 minutes, all in favour of the plan.

Peter Breden, of Crown Road, said: “I think it’s a great idea and I am completely in favour of it, Tesco needs some competition.”

Neighbour, June Elliot, of Crown Road, said: “I’ve been in Shoreham for 59 years and it has changed constantly, you have to keep up with progress, you can’t stay behind, I am in favour of Lidl.”

Mrs Vicary, Crown Road, said: “We need it here there are no lower price stores at the moment.

“Families would benefit from it however the bus service may be a problem. Right now you would have to get two buses so perhaps a new bus route needs to be devised.”

Not everything went completely to plan as at 10am, as the centre opened, residents were told there wouldn’t be hot food for 30 minutes as the Lidl van, which was carrying the fresh goods was stolen in the early hours of the morning in Southampton.

Jason Gratton, property director, Lidl, said: “I am delighted with the turn out, it’s been very positive. This is early in the process but hopefully the start of something great.”

Sue and Andy Hawkes, of Upper Shoreham Road, were also in favour of the new store, Andy said: “We are ex-forces and spent a lot of time in Germany where there are Lidls everywhere and we miss them.

“The quality of fruit and veg is great, prices are good. Their employment policy is great and really it would make Shoreham great again.”

However not everyone is ebullient about the proposed store, Beril Ferris-Guy, Southview Road, Southwick, said: “I am gravely concerned about the impact this will have on Southwick Square and Shoreham town centre.

“We already have many big stores in the Adur area. We don’t need this store.”

The planning application is expected to be submitted in January.