Residents despair as flood waters threaten homes

Flooding in West Beach, Lancing
Flooding in West Beach, Lancing

CONCERNED residents on a Lancing housing estate are living in fear as flood waters creep ever closer to their front doors.

Several streets on the West Beach estate are underwater, some by up to a foot, and residents fear the worst is yet to come.

Geoff Patmore, vice chairman of West Beach Residents Association, said the flooding was the worst he had ever seen it.

“If you imagine waking up every day and dreading the rain, that’s exactly the position we are in now,” Geoff said.

“It has never been this bad. It really is phenomenal stuff.

“We are used to lower levels, but since last Christmas it has been getting higher and higher.”

Geoff said residents feared it was a burst water main or sewage pipe after water was seen bubbling up through the road, but Southern Water had carried out tests and ruled out both possibilities.

West Way, Boundary Road, Bristol Road, George V Avenue and West Avenue are all affected.

Geoff believes the building work at the Brighton and Hove Albion training ground is partly to blame for the flooding.

“It’s just a massive inundation of water from what’s going on up in the north,” he said.

“Clearing all the water courses and dumping tons of aggregate on the golf course has massively upset the function of the overall flood plain and it’s all coming south.”

So far no houses have been flooded but Geoff said he believed it was only a matter of time.

“If it carries on like this and something isn’t done we will flood this winter, I’m certain of that.

“This is only the beginning of winter.”