Residents flag up scale of proposed football academy

COUNCILLORS were given the chance to imagine the scale of the planned Brighton and Hove Albion football training ground when they were invited to the development’s site.

Officers and councillors from Adur and Worthing councils were invited by residents who live near Mash Barn Lane to see the site of the proposed training ground on Saturday.

But only one Adur councillor, Keith Dollemore from Manor ward, attended, along with two Liberal Democrat councillors from Worthing.

A resident, who lives near Mash Barn Lane and has been involved in a campaign to air the views of those who live near the planned training ground, said the aim of the tour was to give councillors the chance to see the scale of the proposed development

He said: “It’s a massive development and all people have been shown is a 2D plan.

“Unless you’re a trained engineer, most people will have great difficulty imagining what a 2D plan would look like in reality.

“You need to see the site to get an appreciation of what it’s going to be like.”

The resident, who asked not to be named because of threats from Brighton and Hove Albion Football Club fans, said the number of councillors who had turned up was lower than hoped, but he said this was likely because of the regeneration exhibition held at Lancing Parish Hall at the same time.

There are now plans for another tour to be organised after the district and parish council elections in May, which could have an impact on the make-up of Adur District Council.

He said he and other residents were not against the club developing a training ground in Lancing, but felt the plans needed to be modified, and a compromise which left “everyone happy” could be reached with a small amount of discussion between all parties.

“There are issues that have to be looked at.

“Whether or not the ground is in the right place, I don’t know.

“At some stage it would be good if we could all sit down and let’s see if we can create a win-win situation for everyone.

“There’s enough room to fit a football ground and academy without building it 10 metres from people’s houses,” he said.

The planning application for the ground is due to be considered by Adur District Council in May.