Residents react to popular Ferring café's expansion plans

Readers have reacted positively to news that a popular seafront café in Ferring is planning to expand.

Monday, 24th September 2018, 5:15 pm
Updated Monday, 24th September 2018, 5:23 pm
Bluebird Cafe in Ferring

Bluebird café, in The Strand, is hoping to build a two storey annex which will double its internal seating capacity.Herald and Gazette readers have reacted positively to the news online.

Holly Kristina said: “For a seaside town we have very little restaurants or cafes on the front. Think this would be lovely.”

Diana Sayers said: “Fabulous, it’s always so busy I rarely get in there.”

Bluebird Cafe in Ferring

Timothy Robin said it was a ‘super idea’ and a ‘very sympathetic design as well’.

Ross Edmonds: “A great idea...It’s refreshing that they are thinking of their customers.”

James Baydar said: “Thumbs up! The food is really good and the place is very dog friendly.”

Sharon Gibbons said: “Brilliant. Hope it stays open late into the evening..get that seaside vibe going!”

An artists' impression of the expanded cafe

Barb Phillips said: “It is always very busy in the cafe, and one of our favourite places to eat and I wish them every success. Just hope the feel of the cafe stays as wonderful as it is.”

However several residents raised concerns about the car park situation.

Jackie Chilard said: “The car park will need to be sorted out professionally and parking in the village too.

“At the moment the parking situation, especially after rain, is dangerous and unpleasant.

“Getting in and out of the carpark is also a major problem.

“Although the car park is used by everyone, whether for the cafe or not, it’s still a problem that must be addressed if the cafe is going to grow.

“Would welcome the development of the cafe, but not without the car park being improved to cope with it.”

But Peter Garrett, owner of the Bluebird Café, said the car park did not belong to the café but has multiple owners, including Arun District Council.

“That’s why the car park is the way that it is,” he said.

“I’m currently in talks with the council and the multiple owners to try and make it better on an ongoing basis.

“Hopefully in the near future we can come up with a scheme together that can be ongoing to maintain it.”

He confirmed the café would remain dog friendly, adding: “Most people come to us after walking on the beach with their dogs.”

Mr Garrett said he was also hoping to work with the council on improving access to the café from Pattersons Walk.