Retrial into stabbing that caused loss of limbs

IN August 2012 Ernest Moyo was stabbed three times after an argument at a party spilled out of control.

The attack, which took place in Pavilion Road, was so vicious that he spent 26 days in intensive care, underwent three emergency surgeries and lost his arms and legs as a result of an infection that put his vital organs in danger.

Four people were charged with GBH with intent and stood trial at Hove Crown Court last year.

They all denied the charges, claiming they were not involved in the stabbing.

A 17-year-old from Worthing and Dominic Brookes, 18, from Croydon, were found guilty, but the jury could not reach a verdict regarding Patrick Brookes, 26, of Clifton Road, Worthing, and Jeramiah Reynolds, 25, who is believed to have lived with Patrick at the time of the attack.

The retrial, which is expected to last for a minimum of three weeks, began at Hove Crown Court on Tuesday.

The court heard that Ernest, who is known as Joe, attended a party in Pavilion Road at around 12.30am on Saturday, August 11, 2012 with his brother Enos and numerous friends. The then 25-year-old left the party after an altercation with another group, but later returned.

He was stabbed in the leg and twice in the stomach, and was left in the road fighting for his life.

Prosecuting Jonathan Davies said: “On that day we say that at least four men took part in an attack upon Ernest Moyo during which a knife or knives were used against him.

“The use of the knives was ruthless and clearly calculated to cause really serious injury to him as he was stabbed three times.

“He received life threatening injuries and the ongoing consequences are very severe indeed.
“These four men had been seen together earlier that day, they had been drinking and they worked together as a gang.

“There was an argument that caused Ernest Moyo, his brother and their friends to leave the party.

“Unfortunately they decided to go back and that is when the trouble resulted. Ernest was attacked and Patrick Brookes called out to his team who went on together to attack Ernest.

“This all took place in the yard outside.

“Enos ran out after his brother and saw him ahead of him stop, bend forward place his hands on his knees and collapse on the floor.

“Several people called for an ambulance.

“Joe was on the ground and there was a lot of blood. When paramedics arrived they calculated that he had already lost two-and-a-half litres by then, a life-threatening amount.”

Speaking after the original trial last year, Joe’s long term girlfriend, Amy Dunne said: “Joe was in the Royal Sussex County Hospital in Brighton for a few months on life support. For two to three months every day both our families visited him hoping and praying.

“Joe went on to another hospital to rehabilitate where he was fitted with prosthetic legs and then arms.

“It has been very hard for myself and both our families and friends to come to terms with the life changing injuries he received. Joe and myself will have to deal with his injuries everyday as we make a future together, making our lives totally different from what they would have been.”