Revellers told to avoid fires at Widewater

REVELLERS have been warned to avoid setting off fireworks or lighting bonfires at the Widewater lagoon in Lancing.

Lancing parish councillor and member of Friends of Widewater Lagoon Mary Hamblin has criticised those responsible for building a bonfire at the lagoon last week.

She said: “I went and chatted to a few residents and suggested they take it away but they took no notice.”

Lancing Parish Council sent a letter to residents asking them to remove the pile of rubbish or the council would intervene.

But the day before the council was due to remove the bonfire it was lit.

“The ash would have gone into the lagoon,” said Ms Hamblin.

She said the lagoon was very healthy at the moment and several species of crustacean had recently returned to the wildlife reserve.

According to Ms Hambin, residents will receive a letter next year warning them not to light fires at the lagoon.