REVIEW: Dangerous Obsessions, Connaught Theatre, Worthing

George Telfer in Dangerous Obsessions
George Telfer in Dangerous Obsessions
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Revelation after revelation kept the tension up to the end in Dangerous Obsessions, opening at the Connaught Theatre, Worthing, last night (Tuesday, October 23).

Right from the start, the tension had begun to mount as N.J. Crisp’s thriller moved towards its final denouement.

Anna Brecon and George Telfer, last seen together on the Connaught stage in The Ghost and Mrs Muir two years ago, return as the seemingly charming wife Sally Driscoll and the “friend” she forgot, John Barrett.

Barrett turns up unexpectedly at the home Sally shares with her husband, Mark, apparently to catch-up with the couple after a weekend in Torquay that Sally barely recollects.

But from the moment we discover Barrett has locked the door and hidden the key, it is obvious there is far more to this visit than sharing a few gins, which Sally seems happy to down one after the other.

It is also quickly apparent the Driscoll’s marriage is far from happy, with the arrival of Mark and the immediate start of bickering.

After that, there is nothing to say that won’t ruin a breathtaking night of nail-biting suspense that truly keeps you guessing until the end.

But the rapturous applause at the end was a clear indicator of the success of the evening.

Dangerous Obsession runs until Saturday, October 27, at 7.30pm daily with a matinée today (Wednesday) at 2pm and Saturday at 2.30pm.

Elaine Hammond