‘Right shop, wrong place’ yet Sainsbury’s gets approved

GV of  Mister Clean Car Wash, Littlehampton Road,Worthing.Picture : Liz Pearce  260814 SUS-140826-161330008
GV of Mister Clean Car Wash, Littlehampton Road,Worthing.Picture : Liz Pearce 260814 SUS-140826-161330008

A PLANNING application to build a Sainsbury’s Local in Littlehampton Road, Worthing, has been approved, despite numerous complaints from residents concerned about increased traffic, parking provision and road safety.

Forty-eight letters of objection have been received to date.

Dominic Smith, strategic planner for West Sussex County Council, was at last week’s committee meeting, to answer questions from members.

Representations were made by the Becket Residents’ Association. John Lifford said: “I completely agree that this is a good idea in the wrong place. Traffic backs up from both the west and the east.

“It is congested and that is likely to increase and I am extremely concerned about that.

“It will result in congestion and safety issues. If you provide it then please think about the conditions that you will instil, because this is going to make life intolerable.”

Gary Morris spoke on behalf on Sainsbury’s. He said: “As a Local store this will stock a limited range of items and is by no means a supermarket.

“It does not attract people in the same way that supermarkets do but it will provide additional choice in an area dominated by Tesco.

“It will also mean 25 to 30 local jobs and make sufficient use of a brownfield site.

“The design is very much in keeping with what is already there and there are no grounds on which to refuse planning permission.”

Councillor Michael Donin said: “There are an awful lot of facts and figures in the report but I am still concerned about the increased traffic flow.

“As councillors we are here to represent the concerns of our constituents.”

Councillor Hazel Thorpe added: “My biggest concern is the inability to enforce traffic movements and the impact on the already fraught situation in a lot of the roads close to this site. This is not the right place for the community.”

Councillor Paul High also voted against the proposals, ‘for the simple reason that there is a park there and the crossing was put there predominantly for the safety of the children who use it. Then there will be all this extra traffic there, with 26 tonne lorries turning out onto that crossing.’

Four members voted to approve the application, with three voting against, which will see the existing Mister Clean Car wash converted.