Road left to crumble as hedge is targeted

Shamus with his 'overhanging'  hedge
Shamus with his 'overhanging' hedge

A MAN, who lives in a road littered with pot holes, has been left annoyed after West Sussex County Council ignored the road’s condition on a recent inspection, but said he must trim his hedge.

Shamus Scanlon, 59, of Penstone Park, Lancing, received a letter from the council, who act as the local highway authority, stating that although his hedge was neatly cut, it was overhanging and narrowing the footpath.

Shamus said: “Everyone compliments me on the hedge, no-one has ever complained. It’s a shame they have nothing better to do.

“There are two pot holes and a collapsed sewer in the road outside my house and they have been there for ages. The whole road is full of them and the sewer is dangerous.

“We are paying a community charge and the roads are full of potholes.”

For the full story, see the Lancing Herald, Thursday, August 29.