Road names in Worthing and Adur could remember the fallen

Paul Yallop and Tom Wye by Worthing's war memorial
Paul Yallop and Tom Wye by Worthing's war memorial

STREETS In Worthing and Adur could be named after servicemen and women who have died in combat, if new plans are approved.

The proposal was suggested by Worthing Borough Council leader Paul Yallop at a joint strategic committee meeting of Worthing and Adur councils on Thursday.

If approved, new roads would be named on a case-by-case basis after people who died in recent combat, subject to the families of those who were killed giving consent.

Mr Yallop put forward the suggestion, which has already been backed by Adur District Council leader Neil Parkin, after the idea was first put into practice by Barking and Dagenham Council.

Mr Yallop said seeing people at Disneyland, in California, applaud an Iraq veteran made him feel more could be done locally to remember those who have died in combat.

Mr Yallop said: “I do feel we don’t always show enough respect to our servicemen as they do in places like the US. The public there shows they’re very grateful for the sacrifices people make and this is perhaps a way of showing our appreciation locally.”

Before the policy can be adopted, it will need to be approved by full council.

There would also be legal issues involved in naming the roads, Mr Yallop said.

However, he said he was confident it was a policy other members would want to adopt.

Mr Yallop said he felt there was no reason it could not be brought into effect within the next couple of months.

Marine ward councillor Tom Wye, who achieved the rank of Major after a distinguished Army career of 37 years in uniform and five years serving as a retired officer, said he backed the plans “100 per cent”.

He said: “The armed forces do such a tremendous job and we should grab at every opportunity the chance to recognise the job they do locally. It’s good that central Government recognises the armed forces, but every now and then we get the opportunity to do a home town thing.”

The proposals come as both councils agreed to enter into the West Sussex County Council’s Armed Forces Community Covenant grant.

Councillors Tom Wye and Peter Metcalfe will act as champions for both councils in representing both areas in council discussions about how the grant will be spent.