Rumour over Worthing and Lancing dog poisoning denied

A RUMOUR about dogs being poisoned in Worthing and Lancing has gone nationwide after it spread on social networking website Facebook.

Earlier this month, people started posting the same Facebook status claiming Grove Lodge Vets has warned of meat being laced with anti-freeze in Brooklands Park, as well as water and puddles being poisoned in Lancing Ring dew pond.

The status, which has also spread across the internet on dog website forums, reads: “I have just been advised by Grove Lodge Vets that some very sick individuals are placing meat laced with anti-freeze around local dog-walking parks, and Brooklands in particular, so dog owners/walkers please be aware.

“They have seen five dogs at the vets with the same problem so far.

“Have also heard that whoever is doing this, they are lacing the water puddles etc., with it”

The rumours have led to Grove Lodge, which has practices in Upper Brighton Road, Palatine Road and Tarring Road, to release a statement saying it has not treated any animals for anti-freeze poisoning and does not know where the rumour came from.

The statement said: “Rumours have spread rapidly recently regarding poisoned meat.

“We received a phone call on Wednesday morning from a member of the public to say they had heard poisoned meat was being placed at Brooklands and in Lancing.

“We have no reason to believe this was either true or false, as we have had no confirmed cases at Grove Lodge.

“We are unsure where the rumours originated, but we have not treated any animals for anti-freeze poisoning at Grove Lodge.”

A staff member from Heene Road Vets said they had heard of the rumour, but there was no suggestion any dogs had been treated for anti-freeze poisoning.