Safety risk car park to partially re-open

A CAR park closed on health and safety grounds will partially re-open on Monday after the problems were found to be ‘less dramatic’ than first thought.

The Goring Road car park was shut by Worthing Borough Council with little notice on June 27, angering residents and traders.

Rob Brown outside the car park

Rob Brown outside the car park

At a meeting of the full council on Tuesday, cabinet member for environment Clive Roberts admitted the issue should have been handled better.

He said: “I think I would say it was possibly handled not quite as I would have liked it to be.

“Sometimes, health and safety closes gates quicker than we would like.”

Several traders, including Rob Brown of Shoreline Pet Supplies and Jeremy French, of Heene Road Vets, in Goring Road, used the meeting’s public question time to grill Mr Roberts on the issue.

Mr French said: “I think there was a total lack of transparency regarding the unexpected closure of the Goring Road car park and a total disregard to shopkeepers, their customers and local residents.

“Already, a letter from the council indicates that the damage to the car park is less dramatic than first advised.

“Why was it not reopened sooner?”

For the full story, see the Herald, out Thursday, July 17.