Savage dog attack almost kills pet at Worthing home

Graham Verall with the cat
Graham Verall with the cat

A cat owner has described the horrifying moment her husband had to “wrestle” their pet from the jaws of a dog to save its life.

Sue Verrall, 51, was upstairs at her home in Winchester Road, Worthing, when she looked out the window and saw her 12 year-old cat, Dillon, being attacked by a tan-white Staffordshire Terrier-type dog.

Her husband, Graham, rushed out to try to free Dillon. Sue said: “It sounds dramatic but my husband had to literally wrestle him from its jaws.

“I asked the owner why his dog wasn’t on a lead and he said it had slipped it.”

Dillon was taken to Heene Road Vets and was treated for puncture wounds to its leg and chest.

Sue added: “He’s a bit perkier now but he’s still not right. I think his age is against him.”

Sue said that the owner did not attempt to control the dog and that police were called after he became aggressive.

Police referred the matter to Russ Akehurst, dog warden at Worthing Borough Council. Anyone with any information can call Russ on 01273 263157.

Russ said: “When a dog attacks a dog, the dog which started it doesn’t always come out best.

“When a dog attacks at cat, I’d say it’s always the dog which starts it and the cat which comes out worse.

“Dogs on a public highway should be restrained on a lead at all times.”

The owner is a white male between the ages of 20 and 30, 5ft 11, medium build, very short hair and spoke with a local accent.

Anyone with any information can call Russ on 01273 263157.