SAVE THE CONNAUGHT: David Sumner, chairman of the Worthing Society

David Sumner, chairman of the Worthing Society
David Sumner, chairman of the Worthing Society

THE Save the Connaught campaign grows the Herald has asked the opinions of a number of people in Worthing for their views on the future of the town’s theatres.

David Sumner, chairman of the Worthing Society conservation group, said: “Last week’s front-page story (Thursday, February 10) about the possible closure of the Connaught Theatre, Assembly Hall and Field Place came as a bombshell.

“The loss of these facilities would be a disaster for our town, its residents, its visitors and its future.

“The Worthing Society is dedicated to preserving the best of what remains worthwhile in our built environment.

“We cannot stand aside and allow Worthing Borough Council to proceed with this decimation of our leisure and entertainment infrastructure.

“No one should be in any doubt that if this part of our town’s heritage is lost it will be lost forever!

“Should the ‘secret’ report prove to be true, and closures are planned, then our society will prepare to lead a vigorous and determined campaign to keep our theatres open.

“When it comes to making savings in public expenditure, our entertainment facilities should be untouchable.

“Without them, Worthing would take a step towards being little more than a dormitory ghost town on the coast.

“Back in the 1960s, the council permitted the demolition of a Georgian Theatre in Ann Street.

“We cannot tolerate a further assault on what remains of our entertainment heritage.

“We urge the council to step back from such a destructive and momentous plan.

“The residents of Worthing did not elect a council to destroy the best of what remains in an already damaged town.”

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