School closures due to strike action on Thursday

A number of schools in Worthing will be affected by the industrial action taken by the two largest teaching unions (NASUWT and NUT).

Durrington first and middle schools, Broadwater first and middle schools and Downsbrook middle school will all be completely closed to all pupils.

Davison High School for Girls will be closed to year nine, ten and 11 pupils while St Andrews School for Boys will be closed for years eight, nine and ten.

The school will be open to year seven for periods one to four and for year 11 for periods one to three.

Springfield First School will be closed for Flamingoes, Frogs, Dolphins and Tigers classes.

At Heene First School five out of 12 classrooms will be closed.

Worthing High School will remain open to all pupils though an alternative timetable will be implemented.

Lyndhurst First School will be closed to pupils in Octopus, Squirrels, Owls and Bees classes.

A number of other schools have advised that they will not know until the last minute if their teachers will be involved in strike action.