Schoolboy boosts charity by selling loom bracelets

WHEN Joshua Czaja came home from school and announced that he wanted to raise £100 for the British Heart Foundation, after the charity helped to save his grandfather, his mother Kim thought her son might be being a little bit too ambitious.

But the determined ten-year-old, of Chilgrove Close, Goring, immediately started making loom bands to sell to friends, family and even strangers.

He wanted to raise money for the British Heart Foundation after his grandfather, Michael Czaja, suffered a heart attack last year, and bought the bands out of his own pocket money before making the bracelets and selling them on for £1.

Despite Kim’s suggestion to lower the target to £50, Joshua’s enterprise continued to grow, and his final total exceeded £315.

West Park Middle School arranged for a representative from the charity to come to an assembly to present Joshua with a certificate.

Kim said: “My dad had stents put in his arteries, which gave him a new lease of life, but it was a very difficult time for us, particularly Joshua.

“He made more than 200 bracelets in the end, and the rest of the money came from donations to his Just Giving page.

“Joshua was presented with a certificate and medal for his hard work and is already thinking about a fundraising event next year. His achievement is absolutely amazing. We are so proud of him.”