Scientists and volunteers help maintain Lancing lagoon

Scientists at Widewater lagoon
Scientists at Widewater lagoon

TEAMS of scientists and volunteers are helping to take care of a local saltwater lagoon.

Widewater Lagoon in Lancing has been the centre of attention lately, with a wildlife survey, litter picking and landscaping all taking place over the last month.

After gaining a grant of £5,000, a group of scientists from Brighton University led by Dr Chris Joyce took samples from the lagoon and are analysing the results to see how healthy the ecosystem is.

One thing they want to find out is if any new species are living there after a pipe was installed to allow sea water into the lagoon when it gets too low or too salty.

According to Mary Hamblin, vice chair of World of Widewater (WOW), the preliminary results of the survey have been very positive.

Mary said: “It’s a wonderful place for people to go for a walk and enjoy the wildlife as well as a place of scientific interest.”

Volunteers from lancing-based company R.R.Donnelly spent a day at the lagoon rebuilding a causeway and weeding around the bridge.

Facilities Manager Darren Holloway was among the volunteers. He said: “It was a really positive experience and everyone who took part got a lot out of it.

“It was nice to be able to do something for the local community.”

Yesterday a team of volunteers from Brighton College joined WOW members picking up litter around the lagoon for Make a Difference Day.

Widewater is a man-made, landlocked lagoon about 1,200 metres long, formed from the Adur estuary.