Sewage collapse in Worthing road

Due to a major sewer collapse, West Sussex County Council is closing Liverpool Road in Worthing for repairs for three weeks.

The county council warned if the work is not done there is a danger of the road collapsing.

A county council spokesman said: “Whilst this may be inconvenient, steps are being taken to assist vehicles who use the area to find alternative routes and places to park.

“The taxi rank in Chapel Road will be used for goods vehicles loading only – between 7am and 7pm each day – to compensate for the loss of delivery areas in Liverpool Road and to ensure that retailers can accept deliveries.

“The licensed taxis (Wortax and Worthing Taxi Association) will operate from temporary taxi ranks in Montague Place during those hours and will be available in all but the loading bays and disabled bays in this place.

“Between 7pm and 7am, licensed taxis will return to their normal taxi rank in Chapel Road.

“Lorries and buses will be entitled to exit through South Street if necessary during this time only.”

The county council encouraged people to be familiar with the temporary arrangements, as failure to comply with them could result in a penalty charge notice being issued.