Shop banned from selling alcohol for a second time in Tarring

Premier Supermarket Express, South Street, Tarring
Premier Supermarket Express, South Street, Tarring

A SHOP in Worthing has received its second alcohol licencing suspension within the past 18 months.

Premier Supermarket Express, in South Street, Tarring, was warned for selling cigarettes to a 15-year-old during an under-age sales test purchase operation by Trading Standards Officers in February.

A later inspection also found 80 bottles of foreign labelled beer on sale in the store, which cannot legally be sold in the UK.

Worthing Borough Council licensing committee suspended the shop’s alcohol licence for a three-week period during the run up to Christmas.

Chair of the Worthing licencing and control committee John Rogers said: “I hope it will give a very clear message that Worthing Borough Council and the other agencies involved are monitoring what they do and we will use test purchases and we will catch people out if they are selling to under age people.

“The applicant did ask for the suspension to after Christmas but we refused. We are not going to be dictated to by licensees as to when suspensions take place. It’s supposed to be a punishment and a deterrent.”

For the full story, see the Worthing Herald, Thursday, November 28.