Shoreham farmer moves travellers off his land with the help of a digger

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A FARMER “won a victory for landowners”, when he physically moved travellers from his Shoreham land yesterday (Wednesday, June 13).

Six caravans arrived on land at Longacres Farm, Steyning Road, at 6.45am, and soon after landowner Dave Dawson turned up and threatened to evict them – with the help of a mini-digger.

An eye witness said: “Mr Dawson was so mad, he got his mini-digger and started moving them out with it.

“He won a victory for landowners, and they moved off under the threat of physical eviction.”

About 10 police officers were called to the scene, believed to have been called there by the travellers.

A Sussex Police spokeswoman said: “Police attended and remained on scene to prevent a breach of peace.”

She went on the say the travellers “left of their own accord” at about 9.30am, which was as the Herald was going to press.