Sir Robert Woodard Academy Comic Relief rumours

RUMOURS circulating today (Friday, March 18) that the Sir Robert Woodard Academy was planning on keeping money donated to Comic Relief have been strenuously denied.

Concerned parents contacted the Herald after messages posted on social networking site Facebook suggested not all the money from a non-uniform day would be given to Comic Relief.

The school said the rumours were “unfounded”.

Business manager Stacey Kearns said: “A letter was sent to all parents/carers on March 15 clearly stating all £1 donations made by the students for non-uniform day would be donated directly to Comic Relief and any other money raised from activities organised within chapters today would be proportionately donated to each of the nominated chapter charities.

“On top of this, our catering manager kindly offered to donate 10 per cent of today’s takings to the Comic Relief appeal.”