Sisters’ act of kindness raises a smile

Rachel Martin, 12, with her great-grandmother, Joyce Rhodes
Rachel Martin, 12, with her great-grandmother, Joyce Rhodes

RESIDENTS at a Shoreham care home were given a sweet treat as part of an Acts of Kindness project.

Sisters Rachel Martin, 12, and Amy Martin, seven, handed out decorated cupcakes at New Elmcroft residential home, St Giles Close, Shoreham.

They had baked the cakes the day before at their home in Tyne Close, Durrington.

Mum Hayley Martin explained Rachel was learning about World War One at Orchards Middle School, in Nelson Road, Worthing, and part of the project was to carry out an act of goodwill during the half-term holiday.

“They are learning about World War One and also about how to help the community and what they can do to help,” she said.

“Rachel wanted to make cakes. There is an elderly couple at the end of our close and she took two cakes down to them as well. They were really overjoyed.”

The girls’ great-grandmother, Joyce Rhodes, 85, is a resident and New Elmcroft, so they took the rest of their cupcakes there.

Jasmine Davis, from the home, said: “They handed out the cupcakes to all our residents, who enjoyed eating them very much and it put a smile on their faces.”