'˜Sit-on' hair will be cut for charity

Little Lottie Giran-Carter has hair so long, she can sit on it '“ and she absolutely loves it.

Saturday, 30th June 2018, 10:54 am
Updated Monday, 16th July 2018, 4:51 pm
Lottie Giran-Carter, ten, has had her trimmed only five times since she was born

But the ten-year-old is prepared to lose most of it and go down to a short bob to raise money for children in India.

It was her own idea and with help from mum Sandra, she has launched her A Cut for a Cause campaign on GoFundMe.

Lottie, a year-six pupil at Swiss Gardens Primary School in Shoreham, said: “I absolutely love my hair and have had it trimmed only five times since I was born.

“My aim is to collect money to sponsor as many children as possible from the Saksham Foundation in Delhi, which is a charity organisation who help many children get an education, which I support fully.

“Once my hair is cut, I also intend to give it to The Little Princess Trust so a lovely wig can be made and donated to someone suffering from cancer. This is also very close to my heart as I lost my grandmother to cancer when I was only eight weeks old and I miss her dearly.”

Lottie will have her hair cut to shoulder length on July 20.

Dad Brett Carter said: “Lottie has previously organised a ‘brown envelopes’ campaign to gather essentials for the children at the foundation in Delhi.

“Lottie’s hair is currently sit-on length and approximately 16 inches will be donated.”