Slug bait warning after pet dog is put down

Norman Carreck with son Iain and dog Candy
Norman Carreck with son Iain and dog Candy

A SCIENTIST has warned pet-owners of the dangers of pesticides after his “beloved” dog was killed by slug bait.

Candy, a six-year-old West Highland Terrier, was put down by vets on Friday, August 24, after it was poisoned by metaldehyde – the active ingredient in household slug pellets.

The dog’s owners, Norman Carreck and Andrea Quigley, had been staying at Andrea’s parents’ home in Midhurst Drive, Ferring, along with their four dogs and two-year-old boy Iain, when they learned their pet had been rushed to a vet in Rustington.

Candy had been found convulsing and vomiting earlier that evening by Andrea’s father, Mike Quigley.

For the full story, read this week’s Worthing Herald and Littlehampton Gazette, out from Thursday, August 30.