Sompting group knits for homeless and needy

The Knit and Knatter group at St Peter's Church in Sompting
The Knit and Knatter group at St Peter's Church in Sompting

A group of women have combined their interest in knitting with a good cause by making clothing and blankets for those in need.

The Knit and Knatter group, which meets each month at St Peter’s Church, in Bowness Avenue, Sompting, makes knitted items for Link Romania and for the baby units at Worthing Hospital and St Richard’s Hospital, in Chichester.

The group started out four years ago as a Lent project started by Jackie Offord and Margaret Sherriff and has since blossomed into a club with more than 20 members.

Margaret said: “We’re all antiques here who love to knit. It gives everyone here something to do and it doesn’t cost anything. For one member it was the only time she was sociable.”

The group crochets and knits clothes, blankets, shoes, and gloves and other things, with many items going abroad to help those in Romania.

But because of the high cost of wool, the group struggles to get hold of the material unless it is donated.

“The cheapest wool we’ve been able to find is £2.50 for 100 grammes, which would mean a jumper would cost about £4 to make and we don’t have that money,” Margaret added.

The group meets on the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month at 2pm and welcomes new members.

The club is calling for donations of wool and people can do so by phoning Margaret on 01903 762079.