Speeding drivers caught in week-long campaign

A CAMPAIGN to make drivers more aware of the dangers of speeding found more than 1,700 offenders across Sussex last week.

During the week-long campaign, which started on Monday, April 15, Sussex Road Policing Unit (RPU) officers and Sussex Safer Road Partnership (SSRP) carried out checks across the area at fixed enforcement sites, as well as locally identified problem areas.

A total of 1,403 speeding vehicles were detected by SSRP’s static and mobile cameras and a further 357 by mobile speed devices used by RPU officers.

One of the highest speeds recorded was a panel van travelling at 93mph in a 60mph zone on the eastbound A27, just west of Chichester, on Thursday, April 18. The driver was reported for summons to court.

Excessive speeding is a leading course of road accidents in young people aged between 18 and 25, and since the beginning of 2013 there have been 192 people seriously injured on the roads of Sussex and eight killed.

The campaign ran in conjunction with the international European Traffic Police Network (TISPOL) speed campaign.

Inspector Steve Grace, from RPU, said: “Throughout the week officers stopped drivers who were speeding to enforce the law and talk to them about the dangers of driving with excessive speed.

“Many of those we spoke to will be eligable for a speed awareness course as an alternative to a fixed penalty and points.

“Our efforts continue the year round, but this week helped underline the message that the dangers of speeding aren’t just about exceeding the speeding limit.

“Driving within the speed limit, but faster than the road or weather conditions allow, is also dangerous to yourself and other road users.”