Sports PR firm motors to success in its niche

A WOMAN who was made redundant from her PR job has built-up a rapidly-growing agency of her own.

Anne Powys-Keck, 38, of Goring, worked for a number of top brands, including Oakley, and fashion brand Oliver Sweeney, but in March 2011, she started Pro PR.

And she hasn’t looked back since, as a handful of small clients rocketed into national deals in months.

Anne is now hoping her hard work will land her an Adur and Worthing business award.

She said: “I started freelancing, and loved it. I decided to go it alone, and it quickly started to take-off.”

The agency focuses on niche sports such as Motocross and Moto GP – something Anne said had little or no competitors.

She said: “Because it is so specialised, there is not many people around who can do it.

“Because of that, I don’t think I have any major competitors.”

One of the agency’s biggest successes so far came from promoting the Arenacross indoor motocross show, which became a sell-out success.

She managed to secure TV coverage of some of the shows, as well as extended coverage in the written media.

Anna said: “After that, I received an email from an editor of a top motocross magazine, thanking me for raising the profile of the sport.

“It’s amazing, and very humbling, to think that people believe I have made a difference.”

But it wasn’t all easy to start with, as going it alone effectively meant Anne had to start with no reputation, despite having a long list of contacts.

She said: “People want to see who they are taking on, even though you have been working in the industry for a long time.

“I enjoy working with the bigger clients, but also helping grow smaller clients, as well.”

With business taking-off, Anne has recruited an assistant, and together they hope to secure more large-scale clients in the future.

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