Sprightly spaniel celebrates a season of success

Mike Evans' dog Kes in action
Mike Evans' dog Kes in action

A DOG owner is celebrating a successful season of agility competitions after he and his canine companion competed at venues up and down the county this year.

Lancing’s Mike Evans and his four-legged friend Kes are relative newcomers to the sport of dog agility, but despite this the duo has enjoyed some early success.

After only two shows, Mike and Kes, a springer spaniel, had picked up a first and second place prize.

“This meant I had gained enough points to go from the beginners’ class to novice.

“So we went up a class within two weekends,” Mike said.

“Next year I can see us going up into senior, and maybe championship class.

“There’s only one more above that and that’s master – and that’s what you see at Crufts.”

The pair belongs to a club called Dog Tales based at Findon.

“It’s a great club. And it’s great to win some trophies and rosettes, I wasn’t expecting to do so well so quickly,” Mike said.

Mike is looking forward to competing again in 2014.

He said: “It’s good fun, it’s really enjoyable, and going forward next year, the competition is going to get even tougher, especially when I get involved with Kennel Club competitions.

“Up to now, I’ve been competing against 15 to 20 dogs.

When you get to Kennel Club it can be as many as 300, but I’m confident we’ll enjoy ourselves and do well.”

Mike’s wife Laura runs their other dog, Kye, who has health problems, and on their first trip out they won a first-place and completed a clear round.