Stab victim’s brother knifed in Tarring alley attack

The alleyway where Enos Moyo was stabbed
The alleyway where Enos Moyo was stabbed

THE BROTHER of a man who lost his arms and legs after a brutal stabbing attack is recovering in hospital after he was knifed on Friday.

Enos Moyo was attacked by a group of men in an alleyway between Radnor Road, Tarring, and Melrose Avenue on Friday night.

He was making his way home with his girlfriend after visiting his brother Ernest, known as Joe, when he was stabbed in his side.

It is the second stab attack to have affected the Moyo family, after Joe was set upon in Pavilion Road in August 2012.

Joe, 27, said: “It’s scary. We’re looking to move away now, because we don’t feel safe where we are any more.

“Enos and his girlfriend came round on Friday night and decided to walk home at about 10.30pm.

“Within a few minutes his girlfriend was banging on the door saying he had been attacked.”

For the full story, see the Herald, out Thursday, September 25.