Stagecoach’s Worthing bus garage supports Standing Up 4 Sitting Down

Stagecoach South is supporting the Standing Up 4 Sitting Down initiative by placing stickers on its buses based in Worthing.

Tuesday, 26th March 2019, 2:41 pm
Updated Tuesday, 26th March 2019, 2:46 pm

The aim is to spread awareness of the campaign, which was launched by Anchor Hanover Group in December 2016 to improve access to seating in public areas for older people.

Research has shown 43 per cent of people will not offer a seat on public transport, even if it was suspected someone might need it.

Standing Up 4 Sitting Down was set up by Anchor Hanover Group to improve access to seating in public areas

Stagecoach is supporting the initiative to spread awareness that seating on its buses should be given to those with a priority. It hopes this will give older people the confidence to use public transport more often.

Stacey Churton, Stagecoach marketing manager, said: “It’s great to be supporting the Standing Up 4 Sitting Down initiative, helping to raise awareness to a very important cause and encourage more older people on to the buses.

“Here at Stagecoach, we’re really passionate about supporting the community and improving access to those in need.”

Campaigns stickers will be strategically placed so passengers see them and are reminded to give up their seat when someone who might need it boards.

Nicola Rouse, team manager at Anchor, said: “We are so delighted to have our local transport supporting the Standing Up 4 Sitting Down campaign.

“It’s a topic close to my residents hearts who often bring this issue to my attention. Now with the support of Stagecoach, we hope this will encourage more people to be mindful of others when travelling on public transport and offer their seat to older people who maybe in need of one.”