Starlight helps Worthing boy’s Star Wars dream come true

Oliver Foord
Oliver Foord

A 14-YEAR-OLD Worthing boy who suffers from cystic fibrosis has had his dream wish granted.

Oliver Foord, from Charmandean, had his dearest wish for a shopping spree of Star Wars LEGO sets granted by the Starlight Children’s Foundation.

And, as a further surprise, the charity also treated him and his family to a VIP trip on the Brighton Wheel.

Starlight is the UK’s leading wish-granting charity for children with terminal or life-limiting illnesses.

Oliver said: “My wish day was completely amazing. I got to look all around the LEGO store and the ride in the VIP pod of the Brighton eye was brilliant – it had a glass floor and posh seats and I could even see my hospital room from the top!”

Oliver was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis at birth – a condition which affects the major organs of the body, principally the lungs. He requires daily medication and physiotherapy to help fight the disease.

The teen has also had a particularly tough time recently after suffering a number of complications as a result of his condition – including pneumonia and intestinal obstruction – which has led to him spending a lot of time in hospital.

Oliver – who is treated at the Royal Alexandra children’s hospital – said the trip to the LEGO store in Brighton felt like “all his Christmasses had come at once”.

Oliver’s mum, Kim, 40, said how the news of Oliver’s granted wish came at the perfect moment.

“The staff at the hospital nominated Oliver to have his wish granted, then Starlight got in touch with us very quickly afterwards,” she said.

“It was so lovely of them because Oliver was at a very low point at that time. He was thrilled to bits with his wish, he is a massive LEGO fan – he has been ever since he was eight.”

Kim said Oliver is a very happy boy, despite spending a lot of time in hospital and taking a lot of medication.

She said: “He takes 350 tablets a week, as well as nebulisers and having physiostherapy, and that’s when he’s ‘well’. He never lets it get him down, we always refer to his cystic fibrosis as something that’s happened, not something he has.”

Oliver is the second eldest child of four in his family, having a brother and two sisters.

Kim said: “His brother and sisters are very accommodating to Oliver’s cystic fibrosis. They could have been jealous of his wish, but they were just so pleased for him. They are very, very supportive.”

Kim added: “We just take each day as it comes. This year has been a particularly bad year, but we’re getting through it.”