Storrington chip shop catches fire

Vince Hooper inside Barracuda fish and chip shop
Vince Hooper inside Barracuda fish and chip shop

A chip shop owner has spoken of the moment he raced to turn off the gas supply in his shop when a fire started.

An electrical fault caused a fire in the Barracuda chip shop, in High Street, Storrington, on Tuesday morning, December 4.

Three fire engines were called to the blaze, which took crews around an hour to put out.

But it could have been much


The fire, which started in the kitchen at around 11am, quickly moved towards the gas supply.

Owner Vince Hooper said: “I had put the pans on earlier in the morning and all of a sudden I saw the smoke.

“My first reaction was to get the gas off, so I jumped over the shop counter and turned it off. If the fire had moved to the gas, it would have taken the whole parade out.”

Vince said his shop would not re-open for at least two weeks while the damage was repaired.

Firefighters confirmed the blaze was caused by an electrical fault in the panel of one of the cookers in the kitchen.

The fire was contained within the main kitchen.

Vince has been at the shop for only six months but has been in the industry for more than 30 years.

It was the first time a fire had happened in one of his fish and chip shops.