Storrington soldier takes to Afghanistan airwaves

Si Reynolds
Si Reynolds

A STORRINGTON soldier has taken to the airwaves to present a radio show in Afghanistan.

WO2 Si Reynolds is serving with German-based 35 Engineer Regiment, Royal Engineers, part of 20th Armoured Brigade, who are deployed in Afghanistan on Operation Herrick 15.

On top of his day job, Si, or Combat DJ as he has been dubbed, recently started presenting the Ops Sunday Breakfast programme from Boost for the Boys (part of the British Forces Broadcasting Service) radio studios in Camp Bastion.

Si said: “I have been in the Army for 17 years and everywhere I have been BFBS has always been there, playing its wide range of great music and keeping the troops entertained. Having served in Cyprus, Germany, Canada and Gibraltar to name but a few, it’s always great knowing when you turn the radio on you have a taste of home from BFBS.”

Si started volunteering for BFBS in 2005, while deployed on Operation Relic 5 in Iraq.

He said: “After a little training and guidance from the great team at BFBS, I was on air to the Middle East every Sunday for a two-hour morning show. I did this for three-and-half-months and thoroughly enjoyed doing my little bit to keep the troops on operations entertained and up-to-date with home.”

Taking to the decks again, Si also volunteered for BFBS in 2007, while he was deployed on Operation Telic 11, where he managed to do a full six-month stint juggling his busy job on tour with presenting a two-hour show on Saturday and Sunday mornings.

Si is now deployed on Operation Herrick 15, and he has again successfully managed to get himself back on the air, presenting the Ops Sunday Breakfast programme.

He added: “Thanks to some great training by the team here, getting me up to speed with the modernisation of BFBS, I am again helping to keep the troops in touch with home and entertaining them from someone who is one of their own.”

Si has been sending his family in Storrington CDs of him on the radio.

He said: “My family are all really proud of the fact I am doing this and they know it’s something I love doing since my Iraq days.

“Without BFBS around the world I think the vital connection to home from wherever you are in the world would be lost. It’s great to have them here and wherever we are in the forces world. And it is great volunteering for such a great team.”

Anyone can listen to Si online every Sunday morning from 3am to 6am by logging on to or via the free BFBS App.