Storrington woman comes to the aid of pensioner

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A PENSIONER has thanked a mystery Storrington woman who came to his aid after he fell.

Jon Swindale, of Sunningdale Road, Durrington, had been walking with his wife round the pond in Pulborough Road, Storrington, when he fell onto his back. The 79-year-old was not injured, but was covered in mud and worried about whether he would be allowed back on the bus to return home.

It was then that a woman, whom he did not know, came up to him and his wife and offered to make a nearly 20-mile round trip to drive the pair home. Jon said the woman, who he believed was called Jilly and in her mid-50s, insisted on driving him and his wife home, despite the distance.

He said: “I can’t believe in this day and age that a lady would come to me and offer a lift home. I wanted the people of Storrington to know they have this lovely woman. We’re so grateful for what she did. We wanted to say thank you because she came to our aid. We were in a bit of a state at the time. She was such a lovely woman.”

Jon said he and his wife spoke to Jilly during the journey, but had not been able to thank her since.

Jon added: “It really was so kind of her.”