Study reveals town is the best connected

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STUDIES by a major banking firm have revealed the Worthing area is rated as having the best internet connectivity in the country.

The results of a Santander survey show the town also emerged well in other categories, including rates of employment.

Examining a total of 74 locations across the country, the study produced by business analyst Professor Francis Greene, of Birmingham University, found some impressive findings for West Sussex.

Worthing emerged as the area with the best internet connectivity which assists both businesses and residents alike. It also was found to be in the top five for quality of living, seventh on levels of skills and 25th for its enterprise. This strong performance resulted in an overall rating of fifth among the whole country.

Professor Greene examined a broad range of factors that influence patterns of economic growth, focusing on private sector companies and statistics such as training levels within workforce and identifying the range of firms within the area.

The bank commissioned the study to examine how it could best assist communities.

Bryan Turner, the borough councillor responsible for regeneration, believed the survey showed there were signs of optimism for the town’s economy.

He said: “These two independent studies are very good news for Worthing as they provide strong evidence of Worthing’s business capacity, resilience and potential.

“I am particularly pleased to see how well we compare in terms of our employment rate, and the qualifications of our workforce. Also, it is good to see that we rank as the best in the UK for connectivity.

“The evidence presented in these reports show that Worthing is a great location for business and will be useful for the council, as we seek inward investment.”

The news is especially welcome in light of blows to the area’s vital retail economy, with several major firms being lost from the area including Comet and Jessops. The full report can be found at