Supermarket chain coming to Lancing

A SUPERMARKET chain has confirmed it will be opening a branch in Lancing this year, creating around 20 new jobs.

After advertising online for staff at a Lancing branch, Morrisons has now revealed it will be opening a store in the village.

But the location of the ‘M local’ remains a mystery, as the firm is not prepared to give much away.

A spokesman said: “We’re looking at a number of sites to bring our M local offer to Lancing and look forward to sharing our plans with the community when these progress.

“Our M locals create around 20 new jobs and recruitment is underway to make sure that we have a great team ready for a store.”

Amid speculation about where the new store might be opened, residents gave their reactions to the news on the Lancing Regeneration Facebook page.

Frances Smith, of Shopsdam Road, wrote: “Good news. New business, new jobs, loads of footfall and a modern, clean, bright supermarket.”

Jean Young wrote: “I hope Morrisons do come to Lancing - their prices seem more reasonable but travelling to Worthing or Brighton to shop there negates any savings.”

Sandra Whitehead said: “Judging by the queues in both Asda and the Co-op, sometimes we need another supermarket and it could give Asda the chance to fill their shelves and not leave their crates in everyone’s way.”

Sarah Hewitt wrote: “Good news. Not only a good supermarket but I would love a part-time job there.”