Supermarket tours offered in Worthing to guide shoppers through the minefield of ingredient labels

A woman with multiple sclerosis who transformed her life through nutrition changes and yoga is offering supermarket tours to guide others through the minefield of ingredient labels.

Friday, 28th December 2018, 1:00 pm
Updated Thursday, 10th January 2019, 11:06 am

Lenka Pagan is a Worthing-based nutrition therapist and yoga teacher who says she has cured herself of chocolate addiction and removed the symptoms of MS with the help of dietary changes.

She said: “After I was diagnosed with MS in America, I was very ill and spent a lot of time in pain in bed. I attended a holistic nutrition course. I didn’t want to be on medication and wanted to try and improve symptoms for myself.

“It had such an incredible effect that I pursued the changes further and completely transformed my life.”

Lenka Pagan, nutritional therapist and yoga teacher. Picture: ajmphotos

Lenka is now offering supermarket shopping tours to help those looking to fight the bulge and put longer-term healthy eating habits in place. She will show them how to avoid things like saturated fats, refined sugar and refined fats.

Lenka said: “The majority of people don’t actually know how to read food labels and avoid harmful ingredients.

“Most people are susceptible to weight gain but they need to be willing to make changes and then learn how to actually make those happen.

“Often, a trip to the supermarket isn’t an enjoyable experience for most people, especially if children are in tow. But with expert guidance, the aisles can be transformed into a whole new environment where snap decisions and bad shopping habits no longer happen.”

Lenka said she has now been well for more than 14 years and her help gets other people on the right track to healthy living.

One client, 67-year-old Alison from Worthing, thought she understood food and was eating quite healthy but found herself feeling increasingly unwell and gaining weight.

Alison said: “The shopping tour was eye-opening. Reading the ingredient labels on your usual foods with someone who can explain what they mean and what some of the strange substances in our food are is a real revelation.”

The one-hour educational tours, available at any Worthing supermarket, cost £60. Bookings can be made throughout the year at