Suspension for Tarring shop selling ‘industrial vodka’

A SHOP which sold “industrial alcohol” as vodka will have its licence suspended for two months.

The Premier Supermarket Express, in South Street, Tarring, will have its licence suspended from August 24, with all its shelves cleared of alcohol until the licence is reissued.

Previously, Trading Standards found eight bottles of unbranded vodka on sale in the shop, which had been purchased for £50 and could not be traced.

At a meeting of Worthing council’s licensing and control committee at the Town Hall in April, the committee decided the licence holder, Hassan El Samad, had acted “irresponsibly” and suspended the licence for three months.

This decision was appealed on Tuesday (August 21) at Worthing Magistrates’ Court and the suspension was reduced to two months.

At that hearing, magistrates said evidence from Trading Standards showed the licence holder’s management had been “very poor”.

They added: “This was your first offence and only a small amount of alcohol was sold. The appeal is rejected, however, the decision is that the licence should be suspended for two months only’