The Lido submits plans for major project

W02540H13  The Lido, in Marine Parade, Worthing
W02540H13 The Lido, in Marine Parade, Worthing
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A £1.25 MILLION retractable roof could be in place at The Lido, in Marine Parade, Worthing, as early as Autumn this year.

Martin Barrett, manager of The Lido, submitted a planning application to Worthing Borough Council yesterday.

If approved, the project is expected to generate a combination of 30-50 part-time and full-time jobs and current positions will be safe-guarded.

Talks have also been held with Northbrook College and Worthing College regarding possible apprenticeships.

Mr Barrett said: “It will be a top-down redevelopment into an all-year-round flexible space.

“It was built as an entertainment building and therefore needs to continue as that. It’s not changing its use, it’s just keeping up with the times.

“We will happily meet, talk, write back to anyone who would like any issues addressed.”

A three-week public consultation period is now underway before the project will be discussed at a council planning meeting on February 12.

The roof will be made of semi-transparent tensile fabric that can withstand wind speeds of 90 mph.

The retractable section of the roof will run down the centre of The Lido and will be the width of the venue’s stage. It will be fitted with sensors that will close the roof automatically in strong winds.

For the full story, see the Worthing Herald, Thursday, January 16.