Thieves who raided shop are ‘lowest of the low’

A BUSINESSMAN has condemned the actions of thieves who stole charity boxes, takings and smashed a window at his shop during a break-in.

Paul O’Brien, of Candy Love, in Bath Place, Worthing, noticed the break-in on Friday morning as he was unloading stock.

Smashing a rear window, the intruders raided the shop’s till and safe and made-off with £60 of charity collections.

They even appeared to help themselves to a selection of sweets.

Mr O’Brien said: “I am most annoyed about them stealing from the charities and that to me is the lowest of the low.

“They have taken the air ambulance box and raided the Marie Curie one and both charities rely on donations to keep them running.

“I can replace broken windows and tills but that is 50 or 60 pounds which they are not going to get.

“Whoever broke in are horrible people.”

Mr O’Brien said the shop had largely been lucky, as the front windows had not been smashed but still estimated he would be around £200 out of pocket.

He said: “We have been quite lucky and have never had any break-ins.

“For a small business, £200 is a lot of money, We work hard seven days a week and you don’t expect someone to steal from you. It is a big loss.”

Mr O’Brien donated 15 per cent of Friday’s takings to the charities in an effort to regain their losses from the theft.

Police were called to the shop following the incident and scenes of crimes officers carried out investigations.

Any witnesses with information should call police on 101.