Thousands of public sector workers could lose out on pay

THOUSANDS of public sector staff in Worthing stand to lose their incremental pay increases, the Government announced at the latest spending review.

Teachers, nurses, civil servants, social workers and police could be among those affected by the money-saving measures which will come into force by April, 2016.

Staff are yet to receive written confirmation of the changes, but concerns have already been raised by union officials across the region.

Andy Lutwyche, a Worthing High School maths teacher, said the reforms were harsh on new teachers.

When asked if the move would impact on recruitment, he said: “I can’t see it helping.

“There aren’t enough people going into training and posts are having to be re-advertised all the time.”

Mr Lutwyche added: “Teachers’ morale is being hacked away at with a rather blunt machete.

“The fact that nothing concrete has been released yet is making staff nervous.”

Mr Lutwyche warned that the move could lead to some teachers striking.

Eric Skyte, who represents the NASUWT teachers’ union in West Sussex, said: “It’s not fair, reasonable or realistic.

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