Thriller set to be filmed in Worthing’s vacant Cavendish Hotel

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AN enterprising Worthing video production company has chosen the recently-closed Cavendish Hotel as a suitable backdrop to shoot a psychological thriller.

Jonathan Brooks, of United Magic Films, enthused about his latest venture which follows in the wake of a diverse range of projects spanning everything from a wealth of high street stores, within Sussex, a documentary on local kitesurfing champion Lewis Crathern, through to more arthouse projects such as his latest short film venture revolving around the story of an increasingly a paranoid hotel worker.

The 25-year-old, from High Salvington, expressed his hopes for the project, which will be shot at the former Marine Parade hotel during the first week of May and is expected to be screened later this year on the festival circuit.

He said: “Our short film only has a working title at the moment, Graveyard Shift, that writer Matt Prior came up with from his time working there. Without giving too much away, it’s going to be a psychological thriller.

“The Cavendish Hotel is a great location, it’s like a maze.

“There are lots of dark places there and with it having closed it’s not in the greatest of states, but we are able to work around it.

“We are working with several local actors as we wanted to give people in the area, including around 15 freelancers I am working with, a chance to engage with the film industry and gain some experience.

“I have really enjoyed setting up the company, which was only possible after my old role managing the Sony Centre in Worthing when it closed.”

The project’s writer Matt Prior, 24, from Worthing, was equally enthused.

He added: “The reason why I wrote the script was because I worked at the hotel regularly by myself and often imagined different story ideas.

“I graduated from the Northern Film School in Leeds and knew what a great opportunity we had to make creative use of the space.”