Tories work to clean up Lancing’s image

Conservatives clean up Lancing sign
Conservatives clean up Lancing sign
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A GROUP of Lancing Conservatives did their bit to help clean up the village when they took to Beach Green to clean the ‘Lancing’ sign on Saturday.

Conservative candidates Louise Murphy and Emily Hilditch joined Lancing Councillors Fred Lewis and James Butcher with their buckets and brushes and got to work trying to restore a bit of civic pride to the seafront.

The sign is in a prominent position, with all traffic coming from the Worthing direction passing it everyday.

Cllr Butcher said it was an attempt to show that being involved in politics was not just about sitting in meetings.

“We had great fun and its really good to make such a positive and visual difference,” said Cllr Butcher.

“If you drive along the coast road coming from Worthing, you’ll be able to see it in all its glory now.

“We spotted that it was difficult to read so took to cleaning the text.

“It could do with regular attention but we think we’ve made a good start.”

Some Lancing residents said they had never noticed the Lancing sign in the brickwork before.

Chairman of Lancing Parish Council Fred Lewis said the group were just trying to make Lancing look more attractive, and that he was pleased with how their efforts had turned out.

“I think it has come up very well,” said Cllr Lewis.

Many residents may not have noticed the sign in the brickwork before as it was hidden beneath a layer of dirt.