Torrential downpour leads to flash flooding

Flooding at Lancing Business Park
Flooding at Lancing Business Park

TORRENTIAL rainfall caused flash flooding across the region on Monday.

Large parts of Lancing Business Park were under water as a month’s rainfall fell in just one hour.

Staff member at 5 Rings Telecom Chris Payne said he had never seen such heavy rain in Enlgand.

“As I approached Lancing, the drains seemed to be overflowing causing the roads to flood,” he said.

“My five-mile drive to work took me 50 minutes. I had to take a detour from the seafront as cars were being abandoned and I could see the water was at least two feet deep. At one point I seriously considering abandoning the car and wading into the office.

“Outside the office we saw cars getting stuck in the water. People were even taking their shoes and socks off to walk through the rising water levels to get to work.

“Some parked cars looked as if they were in water above the door level so they must have had interior water damage.

“The really bizarre thing though, was that a couple of hours later, I looked out the window and the road was bone dry.”

Boots chemists in North Road was closed due to flooding, but reopened later that morning for prescriptions only.