Town sleepwalking towards dereliction

ANOTHER major town-centre retail outlet closes, the Guilbourne Centre moves a step closer to dereliction and local commerce continues to suffer?

Should we care? After all, you can never have too many charity shops.

There are a couple of notable success stories. NCP and the town centre Parking Shop (with the apparent support of our esteemed leaders) are thriving.

How, then, can the tide of decline be stemmed?

More of the same it seems. A proposal to expand the town’s central parking zone, adding a further 35 roads to NCP’s hunting ground.

Inspirational! I’m sure there will be support from residents of those roads affected who can no longer park outside their own houses.

But their inconvenience is a direct result of the current flawed parking policy and the stranglehold on every part of the town nearer the centre.

NCP is a greedy parasite that is slowly killing the host upon which it feeds.

It is simply sucking our town dry.

To ensure its success, all that is required is your continued apathy.

Where are the councillors who really care about Worthing’s future?

Why don’t they stand up for the residents who elect them and harness the groundswell of outrage that is so apparent in the people of the town?

Wake up, Worthing! Before it’s too late.

David Langley

Warren Road