Transplants help to bring widow comfort

Michael and Rosemary Miles
Michael and Rosemary Miles

A WIDOW whose husband died in an accident at work says she is comforted to know his organs have helped improve people’s lives.

Rosemary Miles’s husband Michael was killed last year when he fell from a lorry at Gatwick Airport, hitting his head on the tarmac.

Following Michael’s death, his heart valves and corneas were used in transplant operations, helping four people including a nine-day-old baby girl.

“It is a comfort to know that a little bit of Michael is helping others to have a better quality of life that was denied him,” said Rosemary.

“I am very proud that my husband, who was a very steady, reliable and hardworking man with a great sense of humour and a passion for music, has been able to help the quality of four lives.”

One of Michael’s heart valves was used to help save the life of newborn baby girl with a rare congenital heart abnormality,

A specialist nurse wrote to Rosemary to thank her and let her know the baby girl was making a good recovery following surgery.

“Her family are extremely grateful to you and Michael,” wrote the nurse.

“I hope you find some comfort in this news.”

Rosemary said the news had brought her happiness, but had left her ‘very tearful’ at the same time.

Two women have had sight-enhancing operations thanks to Michael’s corneas, and a man in his sixties has received his other heart valve.

“I can only imagine what an incredible difference this must have made to their lives,” wrote the nurse.

Rosemary said the decision to allow her husband’s breathing tube to be removed following his catastrophic head injury had been a difficult one.

“This day was the hardest and longest of my life,” said Rosemary.

“It was my birthday. He died the next day.”

Michael is buried in a woodland burial site in Surrey, and Rosemary said she would join him there one day.

“His tree was planted two months ago,” she said.

“The shade of that tree will be there to cover me when I join him until my own tree has grown.

“We need to give back to the planet and others for the gift of life we had.”

Rosemary’s petition for compulsory head protection for aircraft loaders is at